Join My Team as a New IDLife Associate!

Access mentoring and a supportive wellness community, to help you grow your income as an IDLife brand ambassador and Associate.

Jennifer Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and weight loss expert from the television show “Biggest Loser” is a brand advocate and spokesperson for IDLife.

Are you looking for a way to increase your income, meeting inspirational new people and doing something you love?   I invite you to learn more about the IDLife wellness community, and nutritional supplements.   As an IDLife Associate, you can help connect others to high-quality nutritional supplements, and a community of celebrity trainers, athletic endorsers and other leaders who are committed to helping others realize their personal health goals!

Create Your Own Income Opportunity

Turn your passion for wellness, into a part-time income, with IDLife.  Associates qualify for bonus commissions, trips, car bonuses and more, based on sales volume.  You will love the positive energy, and the exciting people you will meet at IDLife events!


Becoming an I.D. Life Associate

To become an IDLife Associate, the purchase of an Enrollment Kit is required.  The kits provide a product assortment, and a significant discount on nutritional supplements that you can use for marketing demonstrations, or consume in your own household.  The price of the IDLife Enrollment Kit varies from $199.99 to $1,199.99.  There is also a zero cost virtual enrollment kit, that saves you 10% (for life) on all IDLife products.

For individuals who are working on their own health goals, resources are provided to help educate and promote awareness for balanced living, and empowered personal health management.  Participate in fun contests and challenges that may help you realize the healthy changes you want to create in your own life.   IDLife is more than an American nutritional supplement manufacturer, it’s a movement.

Contact me and schedule a call, or virtual meeting, to learn more about the IDLife Associate program.