Use IDLife SLEEP Strips For a Healthy Restorative Sleep

Changes to our sleep patterns are normal, as we get older.  Some people experience a difficulty falling asleep, or remaining in a deep sleep (the kind you need for good health and wellness).  Other people can learn that the amount of sleep that used to suffice, no longer works and struggle to train new habits that contribute to a better night of rest.  Physicians who specialize in sleep disorders, often refer to this pattern as “Sleep Architecture”.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that statistically, the older we get, the less time we spend in the deep phases of sleep that our bodies need to heal, rebuild tissues and cells, and refresh mentally for a new day.

Insomnia can contribute to negative health conditions, that are more serious than navigating the day feeling fatigue, or irritability.  Many essential functions rely on the processes that occur both physiologically, and psychologically during deep or REM sleep.

Over time, periodic sleep issues can lead to chronic insomnia (sleep disruptions for more than three months), and can result in the following symptoms:

  • Mood changes
  • Lack of drive or motivation
  • Lower energy
  • Irritability
  • Lowered stress tolerance
  • Impaired immunity

One of the most effective supplements I have tried (and recommended to others) is SLEEP Strips from IDLife.   One single strip, provides nutritional support when taken 30-minutes before bed, to naturally stimulate a better quality of sleep.  The strip dispenses as an individual serving, and it is placed on the tongue to dissolve.

The SLEEP Strip from IDLife contains:

  • Melatonin to help reduce the length of time it takes, to achieve a deep REM sleep.
  • 5HTP which helps to stimulate neurotransmitters that can be compromised by stress.
  • L-Theanine to lengthen the duration of sleep, by promoting relaxation
  • No drowsy effects.

IDLife has formulated a natural supplement, that avoids the risks and drowsiness that some over-the-counter remedies contribute to.  If you would like to try SLEEP Strips by IDLife, contact me for more information. Listen to my podcast as I explain why I think this supplement is a ‘must try’ for anyone who experiences periodic problems with getting to sleep.

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