I spent years buying nutritional supplements, and researching which ones might benefit not only my health, but for my patients.  But we all know that buying supplements is only the first step, to providing consistent daily nutritional support; you have to take them, for vitamins to benefit your health.

And that’s really part of the problem, isn’t it?  How many people have a shelf in the kitchen, or in the bathroom that is completely fully of vitamins that you never take.   The intention is good, but with a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to remember to take your supplements.  Worse yet, some people store their supplements beyond the expiry date, which in some cases, can contribute to health problems.

IDNutrition, from IDLife, is a revolutionary new approach to daily supplements.  Use a free online assessment, based on algorithms from more than 10,000 clinical sources, to determine your unique health score, and vitamin recommendations.  IDNutrition makes it easy to remember your supplements every day, with a convenient box that dispenses vitamins by date, and organized into AM (morning) and PM (night) packs.  Simply dispense your daily packet, and take it on-the-go, to help bridge the gap between dietary nutrition, and mineral and nutrient requirements.

Made for busy lifestyles. Customized nutrition.

IDLife™ = Personalized Nutrition

How many times have you walked into a vitamin or supplement store, and felt overwhelmed by the number of options available?  How can you tell what nutritional sources that on-the-shelf retail supplements are sourced from, and whether they are safe?   Your health is unique, and your daily nutritional supplement should be tailored to what your body can actually use.

The IDLife customized nutritional plan, starts with a HIPAA Compliant and secure online evaluation, to review your personal nutritional status, using the following criteria:

  • Dietary habits and trends
  • Lifestyle considerations
  • Physical parameters (age, weight and other criteria)
  • Current medical conditions
  • Prescription medications

At the end of the free IDLife Assessment, you will be given an overall wellness score, based on the data provided.  You will also receive a report, that provides suggestions on the best daily nutritional supplements, customized for your unique wellness profile.

When planning a dietary change, the first step is to talk to your primary care physician for a review of your current medications, health condition and other lifestyle factors.

Take the free IDLife Assessment, for a customized profile of recommended vitamins and minerals based on medical peer reviewed nutritional data.

IDLife’s IDNutrition is advanced support for busy lifestyles. Never forget to take your vitamins again, thanks to the convenient daily packs.  Simply pull, and go! Daily supplementation finally made easy (and fun).

Based on 7,500 clinical studies
Weight Management
Immune Health
Bone Density + Joint Health
Supports Metabolic Balance
Supports Energy + Mental Clarity